InkCase Companion v3.2.0.0 (2015.6.19)

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InkCase Companion v3.2.0.0 (2015.6.19)

Postby InkCase » Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:07 pm

Dear all,

Please find the latest version below.
(1.23 MiB) Downloaded 1937 times

Again, this is the version used on InkCase P8 where the stability improved but there are still much more to improve. Changes made since v3.1.9.0:

1. While reading book, if the page being sent over to InkCase is too big, InkCase will show an error page instead of just hang there. User can still continue to flip to next page after seeing this error page.
2. The FAQ in the setting will link user to a general page where users can choose which InkCase device they using.
3. Changed the icon for InkCase Companion shown in the smartphone notification bar.

Do note that:
1. The notifications & music control have been removed since v3.0 but we target to make it available again later this year
2. It has been tested mainly in Chinese language interface, there are still a lot of language related problem, let me know if you can't understand it and need me to explain. We will improve the language in future versions.
3. Some known problems that we still need more time to work on:
>>The "Download" page may show no network connection even when WIFI is connected. Probability: 5%. You can repeatedly change to other page and come back to Download page or restart Companion App to refresh the page.
>>Fail to connect to InkCase the very first time after you installed Companion App. Probability: 10%. You can restart your smartphone or kill the app totally from background and relaunch the Companion App.
>>When trying to connect InkCase by taping the InkCase Name under the "Connect Device" section, you might fail to connect or totally no response. Probability: 5%. You can try restart InkCase and also restart Companion and try again.
>>Can't find the device even after few times pulling down the screen to search for the device. Probability: 5%. You can try restart InkCase and also restart Companion and try again.
>>When enter into the "Connection" page, there's a line on the left side. Probability: 80%. Just ignore it first.

Welcome feedback :) Thanks.
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