End Of Life Notice for InkCase N2

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End Of Life Notice for InkCase N2

Postby InkCase » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:20 pm

As mentioned in the post - Getting started with your InkCase N2 back in early May, we have stopped production for InkCase N2 in 2014 and don’t have extra resources to continue the development for this product. However, at that time we did hope that we still can give a bit more attention to this in future.

Yesterday, we received a user feedback saying the InkCase Companion for InkCase N2 cannot be installed on Android 5.1. After our internal discussion, in order not to give a false hope for InkCase N2 users or potential buyers for InkCase N2, we are sorry to announce that we will stop the software/apps upgrade support for InkCase N2, which means that InkCase N2 users can only run the 4 InkCase Apps mentioned in Getting started with your InkCase N2 on Android 4.4 or below.

To reduce the impact on InkCase N2 users:
1. For users who bought InkCase N2 from July 2014 to June 2015, if you can no longer use InkCase N2 due to Android 5.0 & above, you can apply for refund by following the RMA procedure under the "After Sales Service Policy - For End Users" section. Do note that if there's any damage not due to manufacturing effect, we will still charge you the fees accordingly.
2. By end of June, we will emphasize this EOL notice on all official sales page for InkCase N2 so that the potential buyers will understand clearly without having a wrong expectation for what they will get at the end of the day.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to let us know here or write to bruce.lee@inkcase.com. Thanks for your understanding.
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