InkCase Now v1.1.4.0 (2015.6.10)

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InkCase Now v1.1.4.0 (2015.6.10)

Postby InkCase » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:56 am

Dear all,

Please find the latest version InkCase Now as below:
(898.89 KiB) Downloaded 489 times

I'm happy to announce this much stable version. Please note that I've skipped V1.1.3.0 which I was supposed to release last weekend but I found that there are some bugs that are very obvious for English language users, so I decided to hold until this release. Please find the change history below for both versions.

InkCase Now v1.1.3.0
1. Improved the battery indicator display
2. Fixed the problem where the to-do list some times don't get updated to InkCase display
3. Fixed the problem where sometimes "send to InkCase" will always fail no matter how many times you try to re-send
4. Fixed the problem where after changing the font setting on smartphone, the time and battery level display on InkCase will overlap
5. Changed the "Back" in the Setting to "OK" (to let user feel that the new changes will be accepted)
6. Limited the input type for the Ticker Symbol to avoid invalid input
7. Fixed the problem where if one of the Ticker Symbol is invalid then the subsequent Ticker Symbol will be ignored
8. Fixed other the problem related to the Stock setting
9. Fixed the problem where the To-do list sometimes does not follow the right chronological order

InkCase Now v1.1.4.0
1. Fixed the problem where the US Ticker Symbol field only accepts numbers and no alphabet
2. Fixed the problem where the display got problem if there's only 3 characters for the Ticker Symbol
3. Fixed the problem where the stock info display will overlap when the system font size changed to the biggest
4. Fixed the display problem for date & time in English.

Do note that:
1. It has been tested mainly in Chinese language interface, there are still a lot of language related problem, let me know if you can't understand it and need me to explain. We will improve the language in future versions.
2. Some known problems that we still need more time to work on:
>>The app may still crash while using. Probability: 5%. You can try relaunch the app again.
>>As we are using the data from Yahoo Finance Stock API, for the Stock under Shanghai Stock Exchange, you will find that the data is always 0 recently. For this we need Yahoo side to fix, but we might add in more alternate data source in future (not the top priority now)

Do give us more feedback and bugs reporting :) and we will continue to improve. Thanks!
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