Social Media For Authors - Connect With Your Readers

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Social Media For Authors - Connect With Your Readers

Postby artname » Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:24 pm

With the popularity of Amazon's Kindle eBook reader, and the taking place mass marketing of comparable devices from , Cool-ER and other business, authors will find they should rely more on the Web to promote their works. When one considers how book shop chains are slowing approaching a different stock model that includes holding fewer books - much of which take pleasure in a short shelf life as it is - the need to keep readers appraised of everlasting, virtual shops is essential. Social network, to this end, supplies authors with a variety of alternative to reach book fans and maintain great connections with fans.

Authors Should Provide Great "Face".

As the managing editor of a small press and electronic book publisher, I have actually studied the submission standards of similar houses to find acquisition editors want to see a marketing plan in addition to the manuscript. It it true amongst small companies that cannot manage to send authors on a world trip that some leg work is expected of any author contracted. Ads and reviews produce good PR, but ultimately the best technique of promotion remains word of mouth, and in this age social networks is the driver. That any author thinking about selling books must at least have a Twitter and facebook account is an offered. One need not publish status updates with regular accuracy, but utilizing these profiles to inform readers of new releases, book finalizings, and writing updates is a great way to develop relationships with individuals who buy your books, and in turn advise your works to good friends. Since Twitter and Facebook can be integrated to work together, you only need to update one to see modifications in both.

Go Where the Readers Are.

One common disadvantage to social media for authors is that authors have the tendency to buddy other authors, which leads to an endless cycle of promotion within a small circle of similar individuals. Yes, authors do buy books, but you don't want to disregard the crucial demographic that doesn't compose and who routinely buy books in your genre. Currently there are 4 social media networks geared specifically towards individuals looking for a location to organize the books they have actually read, are reading, and wish to check out. As an author, it is essential to have profiles established in these areas to make your work offered to somebody who otherwise might unknown of the book.

Goodreads - Goodreads allows users to add books by means of Amazon search or manual entry. Authors can integrate a blog site into their accounts to upgrade readers on new advancements.

Shelfari - With Shelfari you can develop widgets to put on blogs or other social networks to inform readers of books you've composed and checked out. Sharing your individual library boosts a level of camaraderie with readers - you might find you share comparable tastes.

LibraryThing - This network provides applications for cell phones and blog implementation. Online groups provide a forum for category readers and authors to discuss works.

As you develop profiles on general and focused social networks, you set your author name as a brand, indelible in the mind of readers. Be social with book fans and share exactly what you compose. You may find readers will share that information with others.
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