China's furniture manufacturing enterprises up 25%

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China's furniture manufacturing enterprises up 25%

Postby qizhenapp » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:08 am

<P>On Thursday, China's well-known home company Red Star Meikailong announced the presence of Zhuhai, triggering a lot of industry and the public attention. In this year, Zhuhai, the largest home company - World Bang Bai Asia Group's Shibang home 5 Hall will also be opened, plus last year in May opened the home of the Zhuhai store, which means nearly a year Around the time, the three new home stores have been unveiled in Zhuhai,<a href=''>canteen dining table and chair supplier</a> the total operating area of ​​nearly 20 million square meters. The current return of the property market rational, why the home market is still expanding?</P>
<P>June 8 this year, China's well-known home business star Meikailong announced the presence of Zhuhai, Zhuhai Heiner City together to create "high-end one-stop commercial M all --- the future of home experience city." Southern reporter learned that the star Meikailong the signing area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters, plans to officially opened by the end of 2017, will introduce a variety of domestic and foreign high-end home brand,<a href=''>not deformed furniture wholesale market</a> through comprehensive support, professional management to fill the Zhuhai furniture building materials Station experience center blank, for Zhuhai consumers to bring a higher level of life aesthetics experience.</P>
<P>It is understood that after the stationed in Zhuhai, the star Meikailong from the brand side, the market side, the marketing side of the dimension of the channel force, the United Nations inside and outside the first-line brand, to create Zhuhai's largest home improvement custom center to provide differentiated one-stop home improvement custom solution Program, to meet the needs of consumers multi-dimensional personality; In addition,<a href=''>red home decorations for living room</a> will be multi-linkage, to create the core business district of Zhuhai, Zhuhai home consumption experience to lead to "Star Age" for Zhuhai's retail and home industry to bring new opportunities for development.</P>
<P>Guangdong, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shaoguan, Meizhou, Huizhou, Zhanjiang, Maoming 10, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, A city, the layout of 15 home stores, operating area of ​​over 1 million square, the next few years will continue to promote dozens of projects, Zhuhai in recent years, rapid economic growth, development potential. "The stationed in O 2O Haina City, 30 minutes living area radiation population of more than 200 million, transport hub intensive,<a href=''>canvas garden furniture stockists</a> surrounded by the core business district, consumer population base, the surrounding high - end residential area, the residents of the strong consumer power.</P>
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