InkCase Board

Unique dual core engine design

Multi-purpose E Ink Signage

  • Unique dual core engine design (big+LITTLE)
  • Arm-Cortex M0 low powered engine for scheduling and standby
  • Arm-Cortex A9 high performance engine for algorithm, connectivity and drive HD E Ink
  • USB Type C charging or POE connection through an adapter
  • VESAmount
  • Optional iBeacon function
  • Optional 3G/4G/NB-IoT connectivity
  • Optional Built in Camera for Artificial Intelligent analysis

Anti-Glare and Anti-Scratch Cover lens

WIFI b/g/n/ac enabled connectivity, WPA2 Enterprise

Middle-ware central control multiple displays

HTML based template for easy customisation for different purpose

13.3” Mobius E Ink
9.7” Mobius E Ink
Back With Slim VESA Mount And USB-C
Front Part With AG Glass Cover Lens